Currie-Blackcomb Traverse: With Wedge South Face as a slight detour
Mar 10
weart detail-2

Our main goal: the classic North Arete on Wedge

Lots of hours on skis this past week. It started last Tuesday night, with an old friend Cooksie, inviting me on a Mt Currie heli-drop. It was such short notice, I didn’t have time to say no! Met Cooksie, freeskier Matty Richard, and Pro sailer Curtis in Whistler. While stopping at the coffee shop in Pemby, I came across rando boys Brad Schalles and Stano Faban. We’d been looking to fill extra heli seats, so they jumped in with us.

Our goal was the Currie to Blackcomb traverse. I’ve skied a bunch in the area, and done the Wedge to Currie in summer when I was young, but never the full winter traverse. Travel was fast, and we coasted past the hibachi ridge. Soon we were skiing past the Owls and enjoying an amazing decent down onto the Weart Glacier. The Weart is a classic coastal glacier with almost no crevasses, and gently climbs several km towards Wedge. From here we climbed the North Arete on Wedge, one of the all-time classic (easy) alpine climbs on the Coast. After reaching the summit, all six of us skied the massive 5000foot 40degree South Face as a group. You wouldn’t usually all ski at once, but avy danger is nil, so it’s nice to have some fun.  The late afternoon / evening was spent negotiating a frozen creekbed and steep icy trees back towards Blackcomb. We reached Merlins at the base of Blackcomb, after about 12hrs on the move.


Cool to drop by the Owls on the way, and see an old solo of mine on East Ramp


Looking down the North Arete


Wedge is the tallest mountain in the area, so great views off the summit. Blackcomb in foreground, with Whistler behind, then Black Tusk, then Tantalus.


Brad and Stano skiing Wedge’s South Face, with Whistler valley in the background.


Curtis on the South Face


Skinning up to Blackcomb. The footprints beside Stano, are the melted out prints of the Norwegian girl who spent 3 days lost behind Blackcomb. She was luckily found alive.


2 Responses to “Currie-Blackcomb Traverse: With Wedge South Face as a slight detour”

  1. Lee Lau says:

    Thanks for the vicarious living T!

  2. James Retty says:

    Curtis told me about this event and it sounded great. What a great way to make use of the recent “lack of snow” dumps. Looks like April skiing but in March. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to do it in April. Great mission boys!

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