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Jan 26

Isaac slashes

The second week we heli-bumped over to Sentry. The powder-fest continued . . .

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May 15

Significant news in the world of steep skiing. Chris Brazeau of Golden B.C. pulled off the dream-line. He’s not only a friend, but someone I look up to.

He’s probably Canada’s greatest under-the-radar alpine climber, with a history of solo climbing mind-blowing alpine lines. But more importantly, he’s just a great guy who lets his actions speak for themselves.

Details are limited, but after a scoping mission, Braz headed into the zone solo and under his own power (no sled or chopper). 4 days later he had skied the North Face of Bryce in the Canadian rockies.

Nice work Braz!!!!!!!!!!! So psyched one of the brothers did it and not some overhyped crew . . .

Certainly a cool chapter in the history of North American ski mountaineering. Trying to think of other solos of this level. Fransson’s descent of the South Face of Denali last year is the only one that comes to mind. Some of Landry’s were very cool as well.

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